Jimmy snickered as a red-faced Bruce passed by him and Tom in the hallway, the unflattering images had been seen by everyone by now. All the wind had been taken out of Bruce’s sail and furtive whispers and chuckles followed him wherever he went. Bruce had no NUII to identify the anonymous poster by, and as a result no way to beat down whoever had exposed him. Big-shot Bruce wasn’t so big anymore... as the entire school had seen from the images.

“So, what now?” Tom asked, recovering from trying to hold his laughter in.

Jimmy wiped some tears from his eyes, letting out a few more chuckles. He was a person, perhaps the only person in the world who could go on the Internet without anyone knowing who he was. He could be anyone, do anything, and no one would be the wiser. Anonymity was a powerful, and somewhat dangerous tool, and Jimmy could see why the government had gotten rid of it quickly. Now, it was his tool to leverage.

“Well, I’ve always wanted to try…”

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